Just finished your studies but not feeling fit for a job as a software developer?

This coding Bootcamp is the right choice for you.

Our courses will be totally different from what you have learned in college. It will be interesting and challenging at the same time. We guarantee you that you will learn more in 3 months than in all 4 years spent in college, taught by teachers with no real-life software development skills. These courses are designed to get you job-ready skills demanded by the industry. All courses will be held by great instructors with a ton of experience in software development fields.

You need this bootcamp if you

  • have learned different programming languages but don't know how to use frameworks. Real-life software development is complex and contains many elements which are not taught in college.
  • have an IT Degree but struggle to find a job as a software developer
  • don't have IT Degree but are highly interested to build your carrier in IT Field.

What should you bring?

This course will be hardcore. 5 days a week 6 hours present interactive class. You should also be able to invest extra time at home too, to get the most from this course.

It is almost impossible to learn full-stack software development skills in depth with 3 months of Bootcamp. So we have divided it into frontend and backend courses and will drill down in these courses to make you an expert in either frontend or backend.

If you are not motivated and enthusiastic about learning real-life software development skills, it won't work. You will be wasting your time and money. So please join this course only if you are ready to give your 100% dedication to learning and become a good software developer.

What you can expect

You will be comfortable using the learned framework in real life to build complex web applications. We will work on a big project, which you will develop as a team. This will give you an opportunity to learn the whole lifecycle of software development (Brainstorming, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment). You will be using project management tools like Jira, Kanban to track the lifecycle of tickets and work in an agile environment. You will be communicating with team members, using git for version control, and reviewing merge/pull requests of other team members. The end result will be a web application that will be deployed in AWS/Heroku or the cloud of your choice.

The following full-time courses are designed to develop your skills required by the current job market

Backend with Java & Springboot(3 Months Course)
  • Rest API with spring boot
  • Spring JPA & Hibernate
  • H2 and MySql DB
  • Debugging and testing spring boot
  • String Security and authentication
  • Logging
  • Mapstruct and Lombok
  • Maven/Gradle & Deployment
  • Software pattern and best practices for spring boot backend
  • Lambdas and functional programming
  • Error handling
  • plus tons of other spring boot concepts

Requirements: you should be comfortable in writing java code

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Backend with Python & Django(3 Months Course)
  • Django Fundamentals
  • Django ORM
  • Authentication
  • Django Rest framework
  • Debugging and testing in Django
  • Logging
  • Error handling
  • MySQL storage
  • plus tons of other django concepts

Requirements: Basics of python

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Frontend with Angular(3 Months Course)
  • HTML, CSS AND JavaScript
  • Angular concepts modules, Component, Services, and DI
  • Typescript
  • Data and event binding
  • Observables & RxJS
  • Routing
  • Interceptors and Auth Guard
  • State management with NgRx
  • plus Tons of other angular concepts

Requirements: Basics of html, css, and javascript

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Frontend with React(3 Months Course)
  • HTML, CSS AND Javascript
  • React Virtual DOM
  • Expressions and Props in JSX
  • Hooks and state in react
  • Redux
  • Routing
  • Next.js
  • plus tons of other react concepts

Requirements: Basics of html, css and javascript

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What will it cost you

This 3 months bootcamp course will cost you a total of Rs. 60000. It may sound expensive but for the efforts, we put and value you get it is rather cheaper. This is a full-time bootcamp of min. 360 hours of interactive class.
We are also partnering with IT companies, which will provide you an opportunity for direct recruitment in their companies as a junior software developer, depending on your ability to learn/grasp the knowledge we provide in boot camp. We can't although guarantee a replacement, as it totally depends on you.

Interested to know who is behind this

I myself was an IT Student, studied in Hamburg, Germany. With nobody around me to guide me and show a path, how it is to work in real-life software development projects, initially, I struggled a lot, searching for what to learn and how. I used to watch YouTube videos, buy Udemy courses and try to learn all these on my own. In the end, it was possible, but I really had to work hard, invest a lot of time, bang my head on the desk if something won't work, search hours in StackOverflow for answers, copy and paste code blocks, and wonder how it works. But it shouldn't be that way for you. So, we have designed courses with the currently most demanding skills in IT Market.

Currently, I am a full-time software developer, working 4 days a week in Switzerland for a big corporate. And rest 3 days per week I am spending my time building my startup in Nepal which will provide value in the Industry.

Making money is not my first priority. I have other visions like creating quality software developers in Nepal and promoting the Nepalese IT Industry nationally and internationally. I want to also provide a transparent job board in Nepal, where ideally all job posts will have a salary range disclosed. Furthermore, I am working on that, convincing companies to put a salary range in the job offers. Of course, money will come to follow later, but as said earlier not my first priority.

Please register your interest below if you are interested in one of our coding bootcamp. The bootcamp will be held after we have at least 10 students.

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Still not convinced?

Contact me directly at hello@hamrodevjobs.com or via our Facebook page at Hamro Dev Jobs. I am based in Switzerland, so won’t be able to contact via phone calls.

Will be happy to talk about any concerns you have.