AWS-Expert - DevOps Engineer

AWS-Expert - DevOps Engineer

location icon Remote 1 month agoNPR180,000 - NPR250,000
Our Tech


  • Who you are: 
  • You rather code than have meetings. 
  • Your friends tell that you have fun solving complex issues in an elegant way.
  • Coding is a passion for you, a way to express yourself and improve the world.
  • You have at least 4 years of professional experience in software development with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes 
  • You are an independent thinker that is able to discover, analyse and solve problems independently.
  • You are familiar with architecture styles/APIs (REST)


  • Become our lead DevOps-Engineer that helps us scale our cloud-based product.
  • Automate deployments, integrate CI and perform manual deployments when needed.
  • Prepare test cases, perform full-scale testing of the product based on the test cases.
  • Implement best practices to maintain the quality of the product and codes.

What do we expect

  • Excellent communication - Clear and comprehensive verbal and written communication in English within and across diverse teams and varied skill levels. 
  • Passion and Ownership - We love what we do. We love to hear critique as it helps us improve every day. And we help our team members if they struggle or need an input. We expect the same from you. 

About us

We are a Startup helping insurances and hospitals study medical documents faster, more precisely and to find similar cases in the past so patients can get faster and better treatment. For more information on our Solution, check out this short video

Salary range 

NRP 180,000 - NRP250,000 for a 100% workload. We are looking for somebody who could start with a 50% workload.

25 days paid vacation per yearupgrade in health insurance
About Us

legal-i was founded on the belief that medical insurance experts quickly shall be given certainty about the relevant facts of a case. And that they have certainty about the bandwidth in which a case will be settled.

This gives security to all parties involved: the insurance company in the skillful use of its resources and in the formation of loss reserves. And the policyholder, since he quickly knows the range within which the case will be settled. He is thus relieved of the uncertainty about the outcome of the case and years of back and forth.

Internal studies of Swiss insurances show that legal-i already heavily reliefs its users from repetitive and boring tasks, bringing a 40% efficiency gain. Not surprisingly, the same users report a significantly higher satisfaction at work.

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